Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Cooking Skills

Hi Y'all, I go to the Dr.tomorrow. I am going to see if they give me a fill. If not I am just going to tell them I need one. It seems like lately I can eat more before I am satisfied. Food- I made homemade healthy pizza tonight. I was able to eat a whole slice. By the kids will be losing weight also because of my cooking. Oh well! Why don't my kids enjoy retried brand with a little taco seasoning and cheese? Why not have a bowl of cottage cheese with fruit? What's wrong with eating peanut butter by itself? They think I have gone crazy! My husband likes it. My poor children. Oh well! I will not be frying up some chicken. Weight-I didn't way myself at all this weekend. But I will hop on the mean old scale tomorrow morning. Bye y'all.

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