Friday, April 20, 2012

Fill from Hell

Hi Yall,
I got a fill on Tuesday. This was my first Tuesday appt. Everything started out like normal. Question and answers. Then it was time for the fill. This would be my 4th fill. I lay on the table and lift my shirt. She feels around for the port. Then she sticks me with the numbing stuff (novacaine) or something like that. I feel a pich and a burn. The burning feeling was longer than I remember. I made a little noise like "oh" or something like that. Then she tells me that the pinch and burn is normal. I was like "yep I know but that one was a little different then the others". So then she pulls out the needle. She sticks me and starts twisting it around. She is hurting me and I tell her it hurts. She keeps saying stuff to me like there is a lot of scar tissue. Then she asks me if I want to continue cause she pulls the needle out. I'm thinking to myself "yes but you better hurry you have already hurt me. She goes and gets a longer needle saying maybe she is not reaching the port. WTH I can touch my stomach and feel the darn port. So she sticks me with the longer needle. It hurts. I am crying at this point. I know this is not normal. I tell her to stop and just forget it. Then she says she needs to use the sonogram to make sure my port has not flipped and I would probably have to see the surgeon. She tells me to put pressure on the port area( she gave me gauze because of the little bit of bleeding). She keeps telling me to put pressure on it so I don't bruise. Hell I don't care about bruising. I care about getting my fill done properly. So, I am taken to the room with the sonogram and the Asian lady comes in who I have seen plenty of times. She tells me to stand in front of the xray machine. She gets down on her knees and sticks me with the needle (no pain). She has me drink the barium stuff and she gives me my fill. Easy breezy. So then the new lady starts telling me that she has done over 10k fills. I'm like "ok". So she is going on and on about who hired her. I think she was worried that I would complain to someone. My next appt is on a Monday.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Whatever happened to.............

Hi y'all, I'm back. I am down to 214. I have been losing slowly. I have not felt like blogging lately. I have started to put everything before myself. And I mean everything. I ate a little of everything today. Really small portions. The dish I brought to my sister in laws house was a veggie and fruit tray. I am rambling. One of my friends made a comment about how the lap band really does not work and banders usually end up getting the sleeve. I told her about all of the blogs I read. She then said " well, maybe it will work for you". It has been working for me. I can almost fit a size 18. some people! Bye y'all.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Zumba 2 days in a row!

Hi y'all, Yes I did Zumba 2 days in a row. I am tired. Food- cottage cheese and pineapples, spinach cheese w/ crackers and salami, turkey, tacos Weight- whatever? I am so happy when people post their NSV's. I just know that one day it'll happen to me. Way to go everyone. Bye y'all

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Hi Y'all
What the heck happened? I typed up this wonderful post updating my life for the past week and this stupid computer just shuts down. I lost the freaking post. I guess I will just give quick updates.
  1. I weigh 219.6 (I am finally in the teens)
  2. I did not exercise last week
  3. I ate better
  4. I had a fill last Monday (trying to get in the green zone)
  5. I tried on my size 18 jeans (what was I thinking)
  6. My size 22 jeans make my but look flat (sagging material)
  7. I am doing a Zumba class (1.5hrs)  later today with my sister in law. (she's really good)
Bye y'all

WTH? So I go hit publish and I see my post from earlier. The blog saved it as a draft. Oh well I will delete it

Friday, February 10, 2012

I will place the blame........

Hi y'all, There are a bunch of things I can blame for my weight gain this week. Job, Zumba, Kids or my week long Aunt Flow. I will place the blame on myself. Eating crackers before my protein. Not making exercise a priority. I will give myself credit for sticking with Zumba. I even bought myself a shimmy shimmy jingle thingy that goes around your waist. I also bought Zumba for the WII. It does not compare to going to a class. I am happy that I am fitting into my size 20w pants. I even wore a pair of dress pants today that I haven't worn in almost 2 years. Dang it I want to be out of the 220's so bad. So my official weight for today is 223lbs. On a side note I did weight myself in the evening becausei forgot to do it this morning. So you know where my feet will be first thing in the morning! The scale. I want and love to see the numbers go down. 1 more thing. I was carrying my baby the other day and noticed how heavy she was to me. She weighs 22lbs. I can't believe I was carrying that much weight on me in December. I wonder how many people can carry their weight loss in lbs around with them all day? Bye y'all

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Vienna Sausages

Hi y'all, I am so glad to know that I am not alone in my love of Vienna sausages. Those darn little wiener things. Food- I am so testing myself. I have not eaten bread because I don't want to do the PB thing. Weight- I really want to be in a size 18 by my birthday.(end of March). I need a fill. I think the nurse said the first fill is nit really accurate. I will ask for another fill on Monday. Exercise- other than Zumba I haven't did anything. Zumba is a getaway for me. No kids no husband. Just me and all those awesome people that move like pros. Bye y'all

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Hi Yall,
I have been MIA for a few days. My oldest turned 13 and we celebrated all weekend. Anywho.
Weight-222lbs same as week before.
Exercise- I did another Zumba class last night. The moves were a little easier. I might buy me one of those shaker things everyone wears.
Food- Why do I love vienna sausages? They are high in sodium and full of gunk but I still love them. I never ate them before the band. Weird!

Bye Yall