Friday, April 20, 2012

Fill from Hell

Hi Yall,
I got a fill on Tuesday. This was my first Tuesday appt. Everything started out like normal. Question and answers. Then it was time for the fill. This would be my 4th fill. I lay on the table and lift my shirt. She feels around for the port. Then she sticks me with the numbing stuff (novacaine) or something like that. I feel a pich and a burn. The burning feeling was longer than I remember. I made a little noise like "oh" or something like that. Then she tells me that the pinch and burn is normal. I was like "yep I know but that one was a little different then the others". So then she pulls out the needle. She sticks me and starts twisting it around. She is hurting me and I tell her it hurts. She keeps saying stuff to me like there is a lot of scar tissue. Then she asks me if I want to continue cause she pulls the needle out. I'm thinking to myself "yes but you better hurry you have already hurt me. She goes and gets a longer needle saying maybe she is not reaching the port. WTH I can touch my stomach and feel the darn port. So she sticks me with the longer needle. It hurts. I am crying at this point. I know this is not normal. I tell her to stop and just forget it. Then she says she needs to use the sonogram to make sure my port has not flipped and I would probably have to see the surgeon. She tells me to put pressure on the port area( she gave me gauze because of the little bit of bleeding). She keeps telling me to put pressure on it so I don't bruise. Hell I don't care about bruising. I care about getting my fill done properly. So, I am taken to the room with the sonogram and the Asian lady comes in who I have seen plenty of times. She tells me to stand in front of the xray machine. She gets down on her knees and sticks me with the needle (no pain). She has me drink the barium stuff and she gives me my fill. Easy breezy. So then the new lady starts telling me that she has done over 10k fills. I'm like "ok". So she is going on and on about who hired her. I think she was worried that I would complain to someone. My next appt is on a Monday.

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  1. I take it she doesn't work on Monday's?

    Sorry about that... sounds like she did the medication too shallow and it was just under the surface of the skin and not into the tissues, which is why you felt the burning irritation feeling stronger this time.