Sunday, February 19, 2012


Hi Y'all
What the heck happened? I typed up this wonderful post updating my life for the past week and this stupid computer just shuts down. I lost the freaking post. I guess I will just give quick updates.
  1. I weigh 219.6 (I am finally in the teens)
  2. I did not exercise last week
  3. I ate better
  4. I had a fill last Monday (trying to get in the green zone)
  5. I tried on my size 18 jeans (what was I thinking)
  6. My size 22 jeans make my but look flat (sagging material)
  7. I am doing a Zumba class (1.5hrs)  later today with my sister in law. (she's really good)
Bye y'all

WTH? So I go hit publish and I see my post from earlier. The blog saved it as a draft. Oh well I will delete it

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