Friday, January 27, 2012


Hi Y'all,
That is my current weight. 222.2. I took a pic of it but erased it because my feet look chunky in the pic. I hope my feet start shrinking. Don't you hate it when you get on the scale and it has a great number and you get on again and the number is higher? That happened to me. That darn evil scale said 221.8 when I first got on. I was like WOW! So I got on it again and it said 222.2. I should've quit while I was ahead. And don't you know I got on that thing 3 more times. Moving the scale to a different location each time. It still said 222.2. I took a shower and hopped back on the scale. 222.2. So I have accepted the fact that today I weigh 222.2. I am so happy I might even get up tomorrow and work out.

To all of the people that leave such encouraging comments.Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! 

Bye Y'all


  1. I absolutely hate it when the scale does that!

  2. My old scales were terrible for that, I could get on and off 12 times and get 12 different weights with up to 5 lb difference! I treated myself to a ma-hu-sive set of digital doctors scales that give me the same reading exact (to the .1 lb) everytime.

  3. I often think my scale is out to get me!