Monday, January 23, 2012

I love blogging!

Hi Yall,
I am so glad I started blogging. It feels like the only time I have to myself is the early morning before everyone wakes up or late at night when they are asleep. I love those times.
Food- I am at the point I guess everyone else has been when I feel like I don't have a band inside me. It really is amazing to me that I used to eat 2 plates of food sometimes. I see my kids eating and eating and know that my bad habits have rubbed off on them. I am starting to buy healthier food choices for them to snack on.
Weight- Yes I am a "scale whore". I jump on that thing every morning. Before the band I would say to myself "If I get on this scale and the numbers have gone up, I will NOT have a bad day" Guess what? I was only fooling myself. I would have a bad day because the numbers had jumped up. Now when that happens, I just make sure I drink my water and get my protein in. Even though the scale goes up and down all week, I still see a loss every Friday. So, Fridays I'll be posting my weigh in.
My feeling right now- I can't wait to drink something. I feel like my dinner is just sitting there. It took me like 40 min to eat. I hate that because the food gets cold.

I just want to say "Thank You" again to everyone that is following me and have made comments. ( I keep hitting the delete key) I plan on buying some tuna packets tomorrow when at the grocery store. I don't care for tuna but a change is good.

Bye Yall

I'm trying to post a pic of me at my heaviest. 245lbs. When I look at the pic I don't even feel like that is me. Me and my sisters. I don't have to tell you which one I am.

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  1. Hi there, LBG sent me over. Looking forward to getting to know you!