Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I forgot to post last night.

Hi y'all, It is 3:45am and I am awake. It's hard to sleep good when you have things on your mind. Like forgetting to post. Crazy I know. I am excited about taking my 2 week measurements on Thursday. The scale has been giving me crazy numbers. How could my socks weigh .6lbs? Oh my I need to stay off this darn scale. FOOD- My husband did not buy my tuna yesterday. He bought some shrimp. Yummy! It was so weird that I was able to eat like 15 and not feel satisfied. So I had some cottage cheese after that. Then 10 min later my stomach was hurting. Not sure if I ate to much or the food was a bad combination. My Blog- I have not told my family yet about my blog. They (my sisters) were not supportive at first about me getting the band. It is sooooooooo easy for people to say "just do this" "eat this" "don't eat that". That was getting on my last nerve. I was so tired of being the big sister. I have to give them credit for accepting the fact that I now have the band. They have been calling and checking up on me. Dang my stomach still feels funny from last night. Bye y'all.


  1. Oh honey, I hope you're getting some sleep now and that your stomach feels better! Sounds like you're still in the 'figure out what I can tolerate' stage - good luck!

  2. I have a very select few of family members that have access to my blog. Your blog is whatever you want it to be and whoever doesn't like it tough!

    Happy size 20!! Can't wait until I can finally start posting about some banded weight loss myself.