Saturday, January 21, 2012

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Hi World,
I am now banded and would like to share my experience with all of you. I will try not to think so hard when posting. I hit the delete key a bunch when I overthink things. It took me 2 years to get the lapband. I just typed and deleted. and again. ok in 2010 I decided to get the band. I went to Dr to get on birth control so I would not get pregnant. Guess what the Dr said? I was pregnant. After years and years of trying. So I had to wait. So I nursed my daughter for 1 year and then got the band. yay me. I was banded on 12/29/11. The 2 week liquid diet was hell. I did not (deleted some stuff) cheat. I really didn't. Day 1-2 were ok. Day 3-10 were hell. Days 11-14 were easy. I was in and out of the hospital in like 8 hrs. It has been 3 weeks and my incisions (5) are all healed. 3 you can barely see anymore. (ok I just read this post and it is boring to me) Oh well it is mine so I guess I can be boring if I want.
Food- I am starting my 2nd week of mushy foods. I tried some potted meat and I liked it. It was salty though. I will not be eating that. I tried spam. Really salty. My kids and husband were grossed out. Really! I am now eating fish, sausage,( deleted some more) and ground beef. For breakfast I have eggs, grits, and sausage. I also eat mashed potatoes, yogurt, and cottage cheese. I had some tortilla soup from Chick Fil A today. Yummmy.
Weight- I started at 245lbs I can't believe I admitted that. I am now at 223. My clothes are now fitting me. You know how hard it is to buy larger and larger sizes. I stopped and stuffed. stuffed myself into a size 22. Now those 22's are feeling nice.
Measurements-last week I did my 2 week measurements and I lost some inches everywhere. Even my neck. I will post those in another post. Maybe.

Wow! I am so emational right now and so glad I got this over with. (first post that is)


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