Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hey Hey Hey Size 20 Here I Come

Hi y'all, Okay, so I know tomorrow is the day I do my measurements but I did a little on my own today. About 3 months I bought these really cute jeans from Target. Wait, I bought those jeans in August. Any who, they never fit me. I could barely get them over my thighs hips and butt. There was a 4 inch gap between the button and buttonhole. I was so mad. Those were perfect jeans for me. 20W short. Dark denim. No stretch. So I tried them on today and I was able to button those bad boys....yay me.....let me say that again. Yay Me!!!!!!!! Ok my stomach was pushed out over the top of them. It was sticking out further than my boobs. Not real cute but I didn't care cause I was able to button them. I paraded around the house in them. I asked my husband and kids how they looked. They liked them. I never thought I would be excited about a freaking size 20. So I took those off and grabbed the size 18 Levis (I have 16 also). I tried them on and they stopped mid thigh. Back on the hanger they go. I put the size 20's back on for a little more celebration. Weight- I hate that darn scale but I'm sure I will love my measurements tomorrow. Bye y'all.


  1. That's fantastic and you are only just at the beginning of this journey. Just think how you will fly once your band starts being filled.

    Well done you. xx

  2. So exciting! Befor eyou know it you will be wearing the 18 and then the 16!!

  3. Hitting those size goals are amazing! Great job!!